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Franzis CutOut Professional – Công cụ cắt ghép ảnh chuyên nghiệp

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Cut 5 Professional – Retouch – Remove. Cut to perfection, like a pro! CutOut allows you to delete unwanted or any detail of your photos and create stunning assemblies objects. Anything from people to objects the landscape can quickly and easily separate from any other object in the background and placed elsewhere.

CutOut also allows you to easily remove distracting objects from your photos forever. ‘Cut’ images manually can be complicated and take hours of concentration. CutOut helps reduce a lot of that and gives professional looking results faster!

The digital cutting tool for flawless photos

Court and impeccable retouching your digital photos
“Cut” or remove individual items
Create amazing photomontages
Inserting objects in different photos “blue screen technique” of the film industry
NEW! Improved algorithms for cutting objects
NEW! Improved cutting mat inside / outside edge
NEW! It supports current camera models for RAW direct editing and more!

3 steps only!

With CutOut required simply select the photo you want to isolate part and with a click of your mouse CutOut will do the rest!
CutOut lets you easily remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
Use CutOut to position your main subject against a new background, creating a completely new picture!

More info:

What’s new in version 5?

NEW! Improved algorithms for cutting objects
NEW! Improved cutting mat inside / outside edge
NEW! Improved color print
NEW! Enhanced processing for faster results
NEW! Supports current camera models for RAW editing directly


Smart failures erase / retouching
Scaled lossless
Albumview management
Convex correct distortion
Changes in size considering the content
Correction of visual exposure
Noise Reduction
Elimination of chromatic aberration
Descreening for scanned photos
Filter transparent skin (Digital Beauty)
Batch processing
professional photo editing

Franzis CutOut Professional v5.0

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