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Super Denoising – Ứng dụng khử nhiễu cực tốt cho ảnh

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Super Denoising là công cụ mạnh mẽ, chuyên nghiệp để khử nhiễu cho ảnh. Phần mềm tự phát hiện, nội suy, khử nhiễu và tạo chi tiết cho ảnh cực tốt…

Amazing Features:

1 Intelligent, world-class noise reduction technology.

2 Smartly detect and instantly remove noise of 8 different levels.

3 Despeckle JPEG Artifacts.

4 One-click to auto remove noise and maintain details, colors and textures.

5 Live previews and real-time editing.

6 Batch noise reduction – Batch reduce image noise with same reduction parameter value.

7 Photo Enhancement

Super Denoising Makes Your Noisy Photos Look Their Best:

– Perfectly improve the quality of digital photos taken at night (photos with a high ISO).

– The portrait and event photos taken indoors or at dusk (especially in low light conditions) is crisp and natural-looking.

– Create a digital image that can be used for printing.

Super Denoising 1.2.8


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