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Red Giant Trapcode Tao – Plugin Ứng dụng tạo hiệu ứng cho After Effect

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Create beautiful graphics with animated complex motion extrusions, spheres and N-Gones. Tao quickly generate 3D geometries automatic procedure using embedded paths, mask shapes and movement of 3D After Effects lights. Tao uses After Effects 3D cameras and lights, so you can fully integrate their geometries and paths Tao with motion graphics and VFX shots.
Powerful tools facilitate scrolling animation paths and extruded geometries.

Create complicated and complex geometric designs using 2 sets of repeaters.

animations and graphics loop motion backgrounds with powerful displacement system and Trapcode loop Tao

Light up your motion graphics with After Effects lights, lights Tao Lumi specialized or image – based lighting for quick and realistic renderings.

Materials and textures
create photorealistic graphics with texture and reflection maps / environment included. Tao HDRI includes 14 maps for use in their work.

Know your paths and geometries and then encourage their growth, movement designs organic look.


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